Saturday, September 8

Things to be thankful for*

* We won the "Open" (all ages) category of the Wagga Wagga film fest!
* The chance to dress up, see our film on the big screen and be supported by heaps of people.
* Our cabinet maker coming to see us and finally getting our "quirky" (think Danish) kitchen design.
* My shiny new toenails.
* The rebuild starting on our house. I won't stop being thankful for this!
* Our teeny tiny fruit trees are budding.
* My job. As much as it stresses me out - I love teaching these kids.
* My bicycle - when our car fails it is always there - my trust worthy and relatively inexpensive dear.
* My husband, who I think is inordinately clever and who I am very proud of.
* The feeling that we are starting to have a little social circle in this town! So nice!

Pictures of Chiltern from our mini break!

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  1. Oh wow, congratulations Soph! How exciting for you guys!
    Also, happy to hear that the rebuild is commencing.... that's very exciting too. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Well done, Soph. That is just the most awesome news!!! I hope we get to see your film some day. x


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