Thursday, September 13

Life lately*

"What's been going on with you Sophie?" I hear you cry! No fear here is an update - in summary, and a rareity on this blog some self portraits too!

* So we won the film festival, not the people's choice award (which you lovelies voted for us in THANKYOU!) but the judges "Open" contest. Here is the link to our film again if you missed it.
We are so chuffed with how it turned out. *blush* We all got dressed up for the screening and had lots of gin and tonic afterwards! Here have an awkward self portrait where I am all washed out from the bathroom lights....

* On Monday it was Tim's birthday. I made him this fancy grown up cake (pistachio and fig) and then with encouragement from our housemate I decided to screw that being grown up business and turn it into a cookie monster cake as well!
* We drove out to Narrandera a town North West of here and had awesome coffee and lunch and I drooled over pretty homewares. We played music loudly in the car and breathed in the glorious spring air. Before his birthday on Sunday Tim lit the fire and we sat in our wall-less house and ate take away by candlelight.

* We pottered at our garden and I picked broccolli, lettuce, rocket, baby spinach, mint, thyme, rosemary, chives and bay for our dinner that night. The peonys are peeking their heads up, the lemon tree has been moved from a pot into the ground and the fruit tree's our unfurling miniature buds! I love Spring. Except I am just waiting for the Magpies to start swooping - Eek!

* Our sexy shower caddy arrived.  No the shower itself yet hasn't arrived, no we haven't picked a shower screen yet. But I do have somewhere to put the shampoo now! It was a bit of a splurge - but it seemed like the perfect option for the look we are going for in the bathroom.
* Hmm, tradesmen have mysteriously disappeared again with none having been sighted for a week now...But we've tamed the jungle of our back yard, had a bonfire, watched the dogs being cute and rescued baby bunnies from the Labrador.

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