Sunday, August 12

Things to be thankful for*

* Communication. Disastrous when it's missing, invisible when it's working.
* Being a mediator and some one that is looked up to. It feels bizarre still but it's a real privilege.
* Crumpets. I already mentioned them. But that's okay.
* Being able to care for my husband. I love taking care of him.
* Leftovers. When you're working nights there's nothing like a home cooked meal.
* Projects. We are restoring and fixing furniture for our home. I love that our home will be filled of stuff that has history for us.
* I have a uni computer! Finally I can, like, do my work emails... at work!
* Library books. Helping me write my lessons. A lot.
* The dogs. How happy they make us!

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  1. Mmm, crumpets... haven't had any for ages!
    Great list to be thankful for :) xx

  2. Crumpets and leftovers are big on our constantly grateful list around here too. And libraries. Oh, how we love libraries.

  3. That's a lovely list! And our dogs are always good for a smile too x

  4. Your thoughts on "Communication" are spot on, Soph. It has been sadly lacking for me with a friendship lately and it's been so, so hard.

    We had crumpets this week for afternoon tea and I thought of you and here you are with crumpets again! x

  5. This is so lovely!


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