Wednesday, July 18

Week Night Dinners: Rocket, pear and parmesan pasta

This one is ridiculously quick and surprisingly fancy. I made it up the other night when no one felt like cooking. It would be a great summer dish or excellent to take to a party where it's a bring a 'bring a plate affair'.

To feed four for dinner you need:
* 500gs of penne - get fancy stuff if you can, wholemeal, egg or spelt.
* two big handfuls of rocket
* a large handful of fresh roughly chopped basil
* a cup of grated fresh parmesan
* 1 medium firm pear very thinly sliced and choped into thin strips
* 2 mild radishes very thinly sliced
* salt & Pepper
* 3 tablespoons of good quality olive oil

Pop your pasta into a saucepan of boiling water and cook until al dente.
Whilst it is cooking grate the cheese, shred the basil and slice the pear and radish.
Once the pasta is cooked, strain and put it in a large bowl, pour the olive oil all over, add everything else with salt and pepper to your taste and mix it thoroughly. Serve it up. Bam. Dinner.

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