Friday, July 6

Now with added design...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I've spent all morning trying to get the new design up. It has definitely involved a lot of tea and a lot of naughty words at the computer. Sorry if you happened in upon one of those shaky moments back there. From a completely different template (accidental) to the blog only being called 'shine little' (infuriating) for a few hours... sigh. But here we are. Do you like? Clean. Simple. And I even spelled Pinterest right on the link for it this time. Thanks for pointing that out husband - I felt like a world class duffa - I'm glad you all didn't seem to notice/mind!

In other news it's Friday afternoon and our local has an amazing happy hour deal. Cheers everybody.

Also: My new font is called Autumn by Douxie from

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