Tuesday, July 3

It's a full moon tonight...

It's been a beautiful moon tonight. Instagram is abuzz with pictures of it! How amazing that we are all seeing the same big ol' moon at the same time?
We had a fairly impromptu trip to Melbourne on Sunday to pick up our eBay win! We've been keeping an eye out for a few bits of furniture for our "one day it will be built" kitchen. We don't want a brand spanking shiny one - its not our style, nor the style of the little blue house. So we picked up this incredible 50's hutch. Isn't it glorious? Now what to paint it? The handles are Bakelite and red so it needs to go with them... I just can't wait to see it in situ.


  1. I must've been living under a rock - totally missed this one!
    Ronnie xo

  2. oooo I love it! I'd say a clean crisp white or aqua. I might be a little attached to the red and aqua combo though ;)


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