Friday, May 11

Desert Diary,

 Day one: We pulled off a truck and put together 42 pieces of staging. And built a 7 metre by 12 metre truss arch. I hit myself in the face with a spanner. It hurt. No beer.
Day two: We hung lights off the truss arch and adjusted the stage. Hung lights of an 8 metre high scaff tower that a scaff dude came and built. I got sun burnt in my cleavage. Who knew the sun was such a perve?! No beer.
Day three: Tim spent all day under the stage making it level. I built four 6 metre high truss booms and hung lights off them and ran cable to all of the lights. We all built a 4.5 metre wall. Tim drilled a hole in his thumb nail. No beer.

Yeah right the theatre life is glamorous! Ha! But it's crazy hot out here and it's fun working together and seeing the sun rise each morning and going to bed at 9pm. Hermmansburg, or Ntaria, is a dry zone - hence the no beer thing. Which is fine, but really after a full day in the sun of this kind of work, a nice cold one would really go down a treat.
I have more pretty pictures but the cable is not letting the lappy and camera talk to each other - so it may have to wait! These are from Tim's phone.


  1. Look forward to seeing what goes down here! I would need a beer too though!

  2. Holey thumb! :) I stalk your blog so I don't miss you guys as much- a little love from Sanki: XO!!!!


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