Wednesday, May 16

Desert Diary 2,

Some pictures! I've been struggling to find words to describe this place. It's not my idea of beauty but it is magnificent. The ranges look as if they have been sculpted by children with play-dough. Some of them look like dinosaurs - they are certainly just as old. We managed to squeeze in a a visit to Simpsons Gap and Standley's Chasm. But then the drive to where we are staying is glorious too. On the first night the moon looked like this. Now it doesn't come up until 3am. Oh and the sunsets. Golden. Clearly.


  1. There's an ad for Western Australia I think that has similarly magnificant rockscapes and the voice over mentions 'prehistoric' and 'dinosaurs' which piqued my radar! My little green toes are living vicariously through your photos whilst my imagination is escaping from a Velociraptor! xo

  2. These are stunning. Wow. One day, Rick and I will have to road trip and see this desert beauty.
    Ronnie xo


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