Sunday, April 15

No internet today

The Murrumbidgee took my internet access. And it's killing me. I used my peasly 200mb of phone data in about an hour. We're meant to have been reconnected but it hasn't yet because (insert large telecommunications company name here) ra-dee-ra-dee-raa yawn.
Anyway. Husbando and I are escaping the mud for a few days starting in about mmmm 10 hours. All my digits are crossed that we will be back online when we get home on Thursday morning so I can post my Easter pictures, house pictures... just any old post at all actually - apart from a whiney excuse-y one like this. Bleurghstupidfloodruiningeverythingbleurgh.

House update: No work to commence for at least 2 months. We have no kitchen, no bathroom, missing a lot of interior walls. Waiting waiting. Living with my folks (thanks ma and pa!!). Meanwhile we are gardening up a freakin' storm and I can't wait to show you!

Thanks for your patience. I miss you as much as you miss me. Promise ;)


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