Saturday, March 10

Things to be Thankful For*

Today this is an especially easy but also an especially hard one to write. I can count my blessings until the cow jumps over the moon but at the moment its not really making me feel much better. None the less - in order to keep up appearances (fake it until you make it yes?).

* I'm thankful our house is still standing (stabely I hope)
* I'm thankful that i live in a country where it is organised enough to evacuate me (twice) in case of a disaster.
* I'm thankful we have friends who have a place for us to stay in their house and who make us feel at home.
* I'm thankful for all the offers of assistance physically and fiscally from dear dear friends.
* I'm thankful for peoples sympathy. So far I feel like everyone else has realised much more than I have what a crap thing this is.
* I'm thankful no one in my affected area has died (it's terrible that people in other flood affected areas have.)
* I'm thankful we have our booze collection with us and enough underpants to keep on rotation.
* I'm thankful I live near my parents and that we are in this together (they are also under water). Not that im thankful they got wet too. That sucks.
* I'm thankful to the local library for forgiving us the loss of some of their property.
* I'm thankful for distractions. For once.

Thanks for all your sweet comments. Your thoughts are something I am super thankful for too right now.

ps. Anyone want to send me some wellies right now? That'd be awesome. {image}

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  1. You are so good for keeping up your spirits at such a time. Your poor little blue house! Hopefully there is sunshine for you on the other side of this. xx

  2. I've been thinking of you and wondering how your little blue house was faring. Sorry to hear it's been flooded, but glad you have lots of assistance and somewhere to stay. xx

  3. I wondered if you'd make it in today - I should have known better! Well done for being grateful in such important ways at such a difficult time. I've been thinking of you and wish you all the hope and joy and sunshine that the world can muster. At least you have clean knickers! x

  4. I love you guys. The gumbooted hopping offer still stands! xo

  5. Glad to hear you are safe :)
    Wishing you all the best as you piece your life back together.


  6. Thinking of you ... after going through the Brisbane floods and the Canberra fires I know how awful these natural disasters can be. It's wonderful that you can look for the positive still. Take care.

  7. Totally blown away by all that you've been through. You are so resilient and amazing. x


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