Saturday, February 18

Things to Be thankful for*

* Friends weddings. Gosh darn I love weddings and there are two on today and I wish I could be at both at once but alas I can only be at one.
* Free eggs from my folks and our neighbour.
* How quickly our puppy is learning.
* Meeting nice young (well... our age!) people in our town. Yay potential friends!
* Clean floors.
* Dinner parties going off without a hitch.
* Thunder and lighting. Gorgeous!
* A simple cheese and tomato sandwich. Yum.
* The sensation of being in scorching sunshine but it raining as well.

Ps. No that's not a bushfire its an electrical storm! Amazing!

More Thankfulness over here.


  1. Oh I love storms! Love your pics and gratefuls.

  2. The cloud pic is awesomeness! I love your thankfuls this week, particularly the sambo and the sunshower. I hope you enjoyed the wedding. Friday weddings seem to be the thing these days. x


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