Saturday, January 14

Things to be Thankful For*

* That my husband and I are exactly the same clothing size. Double the wardrobe.
* The furniture shop down the road that carefully folds all its boxes and puts them in an unlocked cardboard recycling skip.
* The exquisite taste of good quality milk chocolate.
* Husband just finished his last day at work. He is now a full time student!
* Today is my second last day at work before we move.
* Friends who have promised to help us pack our truck.
* All the amazing friendships that have resulted out of having housemates for the first 5 years of our marriage.
* No matter where I live I can take this space with me.
* That I can go to the corner store in my pajamas on a Saturday morning, and no one cares.
* Organisations that rescue pooches from the pound and then give them to loving homes ;)

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  1. Poor old Comic Sans. I remember in the late eighties it was king of the fonts and now... so sad.

    Good luck to your husbie in his studies. What a big change that will be for you all!!

    I hope all the packing and moving goes to plan for you. It's a big job, but you will be rewarded. x

  2. Good luck with the move and glad Timmy found someone who appreciates his awesome clothes..Was a massive loss to my wardrobe when he moved out!! Love you..ox

  3. We had a lecturer last year who gave us all our notes in Comic San. It did make me laugh. :D


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