Saturday, January 7

Things to be Thankful for*

* I am moving to my dream cottage in the country. {thanks to Jodi for reminding me to be grateful about this}
* The colours of the Surry Hills markets.
* Being spoilt for choice in world class coffee.
* Free boxes from friends.
* My uber snuggely husband.
* Tickets to see Elbow!
* Summer sun & freckles.
* Sunscreen.
* Clothes that make you feel pretty.
* Clean floorboards.

More Thankfulness over here.


  1. Your dream cottage is going to be ah.mazing, *s*. I can't wait to see how it all goes and see you put your own stamp on it. Such a big adventure. x

  2. gorgeous photo to put with this - love it. Good luck with your move and adventure. The clean floorboards would be enough to make me grateful!

  3. ooh, a dream cottage sounds very exciting!

  4. Love the world class coffee... that is something to be grateful for!!Hope your move goes well... a change to the country would be amazing!

  5. Ooo have fun living in your dream house!! So fun!!

  6. Dream cottage in the country sounds wonderful! Happy moving!


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