Thursday, December 1

My Creative Space*

So last week I had a little (brace yourselves I'm gonna say it:) Crafternoon with my craftastic friend Cat. She is the talent behind our hanging pot in our bedroom. So I thought I'd get her to show me and therefore you, how it's done.

You need:
Some yarn
A pot
A plant
Some soil and a bit of gravel
Crochet hook (optional)
A friend (also optional but makes it easy for us less craftelly endowed and first timers)
Okay so what you need to do is get your crafty friend to crochet you a  little circle or two. Or you could be uber clever and watch this tutorial OR you could be errr.... me and skip this bit.

* So cut 6 lengths of your yarn at about 1.5ms, 150cm or 1500mm... or 60 inches.

* Either tie each of these 6 pieces at even intervals around your little crocheted circle or gather them all and tie a double knot in the end with as much dangling at the bottom as you fancy.
* Place your pot in the middle of the circle, hold each piece of yarnstring up the side one by one and tie a little knot in it about a third of the way up the pot. These are just decorative. Then pair up your pieces of yarnand two thirds of the way up tie them together (see pic above). Do this to all three pairs.
The tricky bit is trying to keep your spacing even, so that when you're measuring up the pot you keep them spread out evenly at the bottom too. This is where I found it useful to have another set of hands.

Okay so then, you need to split up your pairs of yarn and pair it with the nearest one from another pair.... hmmm that doesn't make much sense... look at the picture above...that should do it. You want to tie these ones together a few centimetres above the pot.
Then spread them all out like in this picture. Gather up all 6 yarn threads and about 20cms up tie them all together in a double knot.
Then you can macramé up a storm with the rest of your yarn! Trim the ends all to match and make a loop in them to hang it with. Then you need to fill your pot with a little gravel in the bottom, soil and a plant. A succulent is a good idea as they are rather hardy, don't need much love and can be indoors.

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  1. I am so going to do that!! I love a bit of a craftanoon...shout it from the hills lol never be ashamed of the craftanoon experience.

  2. That is such a cute way to display pots. I had an aunty who was macramé mad when I was a child :)
    Thanks for the how-to.


  3. This is great! I remember asking where you'd got your hanging pot from, so it's great that you've shared this tutorial. I wonder, have you ever placed them in windy areas? Does it hold in the wind? Wishing you a wonderful week.


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