Saturday, November 5

Things to Be Thankful For*

* Colours in our garden.
* Zucchinis. What a marvelous vegetable.
* The feeling of riding on smooth new tarmac.
* An impromptu time at the beach.
* Balsamic vinegar, making eating raw greens more delicious.
* Online shopping, anything that helps me avoid a Westfield over the Christmas season is appreciated.
* Deadlines and how they help you get more stuff done.

More Gratefulness over here.


  1. Yes, funny how deadlines can make you super productive! It's always nice to discover colours in the garden...
    Ronnie xo

  2. yummm!! what a great balsamic too!

  3. Hydrangeas are an all time fave of mine so I'm grateful they are bursting into bud too.

    Love your veggie patch!


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