Thursday, November 10

My Creative Space*

 Pillow Cases. After realising that the divine but out of my price range Castle linens where not coming my way by my willpower alone I decded I had to get to it and do something about the lust myself. After all, how hard can a pillow case be? Errrr... Quite? For starters I did it off an old pillow case that had a tear in the seam. I picked it apart and just um... cut around it straight onto my new fabric... No, I didnt even pin it in place. Yes, I am extrordinarily impatient (you could also say lazy) when it comes to sewing. Anyway, I did it. The spotty ones were easier as I could follow the rows of spots to get my lines straight (sending me just a little cross eyed!). Just no one turn them inside out and inspect the seams! Ha! Look they even have fancy folds in them and a hood to keep the pillow in. Am planning on adding spotty buttons to the grey ones... Just as soon as I can work out how to do button holes!
Oh, and clearly I don't iron. Actually, we dont even own an ironing board!

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  1. Cute, I've been meaning to some funky pillowcases for our room, for ages!! There's just too many projects ahead of them on 'to do' list. I hate ironing too!

  2. I made out pillow cases because I too was appalled at linen prices! I love sleeping on them :)

    The only ironing board we own is for my sewing/crafting purposes :)


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