Sunday, November 13

Flea Market Finds*

Yeah baby! We picked this awesome sofa up from our local Salvos. It folds out flat and has storage underneath it. Its a "firm" sofa (husbando's preference), so I'm gonna be countering it with some super slouchy chairs at some point. I'm tossing up reupholstering it (baby blue? Grey?), but it's got a great Danish shape to it and hasn't worn very badly at all. We shall see how it looks in a new situ.

Playing along here.


  1. love it! looking forward to seeing your fabric choices for the revamp. lovely shape.

  2. It's gorgeous. I'd keep that fabric - it's like beautiful wallpaper.

  3. well, i'd say before upholstering the beauty, do live that super design a little first... oh my!

  4. Yup my hubby loves the design of it as it is. I'll live with it for a while. Will see how it works in our new house! *s*


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