Wednesday, November 23

A few sleepy things...

 (1, 2, 3, That bed is where I wanted to stay this morning and gardening ideas are floating around my brain right now...)

* I wore double waterproofs (top & bottom - mmhmm sexy) and still got rather damp on my ride into work today. WTF Sydney?
* If you happened to be on Redfern street at about 10.30pm tonight you may have noticed a girl riding a grey bicycle carrying an impossibly large bunch of flowers in one hand. Yeah that was me.
* I think I may have decided to switch from my beloved Real Living magazine to Inside Out, it feels like it's got more.
* We recieved a hand written letter and a photo of 2 cute babies in the post and it was so so lovely. Note to self: Write more letters.


  1. Oh my gosh, I want to get in that bed and sleep for a week!! Yes, hand written letters are the good stuff and, what the? - it rained in Perth today! Hope you are really well, regards, Nadya. Oh, I love both Inside Out and Real living!

  2. Such beautiful photos.

    I am with you - the weather last week was wack.

    I love handwritten notes too. Nothing beats them.

    At least the flowers were pretty, right??!

  3. I love the second picture. What a great idea! x

    ps. I hope those flowers were for you ;)


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