Thursday, November 3

Berry and Rhubarb Ginger Crumble

Whilst prowling (I do tend to prowl when on the hunt for a recipe) for something to take as a dessert to a dinner party I was taken aback by the top post on Smitten Kitchen. That crumble just looked so good. And though I normally associate crumble as a winter dessert, her spin on the crumble itself got me thinking about it in a more summery way. We just got our first batch of stone fruit in our vege box delivery this week, a sure herald of summer. Plus beautiful berries are on sale at the moment. Pondering what summery combination of fruit I could match with the ginger crumble, I stopped short of the stone fruit, peach and ginger sounds too wintery to me, and nectarine and ginger doesn't quite sound right... Thats when I spied the rhubarb. I also ended up making up the crumble recipe as our internet went down just as I was about to cook it (come on broadband), it's pretty close though.

You need:
* 2 punnets of blueberries (125gs each)
* 1 punnet of strawberries
* 1 bunch of rhubarb chopped into 5cm chunks and trimmed (weighs about 350gs)
* 1/4 cup of white sugar
* Rind of 1 lemon and juice of half lemon.
* 1 Tsp vanilla
* Sprig of mint, finely chopped
* 1 & 1/2 cups of ground ginger biscuits (150gs)
* 3/4 Cup of plain flour
* 1/4 cup White sugar
* 1/4 cup of Brown sugar
* 100gs of butter, diced

* Put your oven at 200 degrees and greade a medium dish for the crumble.
* Put all the fruit ingrediants, EXCEPT 1 of the punnets of blueberries into a saucepan on a medium heat on the stove, let it cook, stirring occasionally.
* Meanwhile make you crumble. Mix all the dry ingrediants thoroughly in a bowl and then rub in the butter until it is all err crumbly! Add extra ginger if your biscuits aren't strong enough.
* Once the berries have mushed down and the rhubarb is soft, have a taste and add more lemon, mint or vanilla (to help with that bitter rhubarb) as you like. Take it off the heat and add the last punnet of blueberries and then pour it all into your crumble dish. Evenly spread out your crumble on top and place it in the oven. Bake it for about 25 mins until the crumble is golden and the berries are just bubbeling up around the edges.
* Serve it with cream, ice cream or cold custard or y'know... all three.

{Image 1 - Coz I didn't take after pictures as I was running out the door!}

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  1. I'm loving the berries at the moment - I ate a punnet of blueberries in one sitting the other night but now I'm tempted to crack out a crumble! Thanks for sharing!


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