Saturday, October 29

Things To Be Thankful For*

I'm a little world weary today. What do you like to do when you're feeling blue for no reason? I guess a thankful list is a good place to start.

* The anticipation of when a really good bit is coming up in an awesome song.
* The smell of newborn babies.
* That the bird in our back garden has stopped swooping us.
* Clever people, who write books, that teach you how to do stuff.
* That my husband helps me have perspective.
* Our little blue house.
* Tea. In bed. (I think I've said this one before... whatevs!)


More thankfulness here.


  1. I'm extremely thankful:
    * for the glorious week of holiday I've just returned from with the most amazing man in the world ever. We curled up on the sofa with books, tv and tea, went to the pub, had Big Chats About Our Future, watched the rain fall from our lovely little stone cottage.. and climbed the tallest mountain in England/Wales! 723 metres of uphill baby!
    * that I work in schools that have half term holidays and that C is able to take time off work to coincide.
    * for our small amount of disposable income that can pay for holidays like this one.
    * that I continue to fall in love with him a little bit more each day.

  2. A little grateful is often the tonic for world weariness. Hope it helped a little bit! Have a good week, chickadee. x


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