Saturday, October 22

Things to be Thankful for*

* My old fashioned sewing machine that can't break.
* Cheap but delicious dinners. (No Name Italian, I'm talking about you)
* How good it feels after a run, the before is just so awful!
* Blogs. The hours and hours of lovely blogs.
* That husband brushes my hair.
* The sweet kiss of summer sun. (& sunscreen for my pale pale skin)
* Picnics.
* The colour of Sydney's sky! The bluest sky in the world methinks.
* Melon season!
* Nurses with painless blood taking skills.

{Some views from around these parts: trips to the seaside, homegrown strawberries and picnics with friends & cider}

More thankfulness over at Maxabella.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes AND yes!

  2. You got me at the Pipsqueak cider!

    All great things to be grateful for. xx

  3. Pipsqueak cider? How cute is that!! x


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