Saturday, October 8

Things to be thankful for*

* Husband's time in lieu stored up so that he could visit me in Melbourne.
* One week and I'm unemployed!
* Friends having healthy babies. Eee!
* Cold beer after a long day at work.
* iPhones. Thanks Steve.
* Long hard conversations that end in hugs.
* A night in with my boy.
* Cheap red wine that doesn't taste cheap (May I recommend the Banrock Shiraz)
* Strawberries and ice-cream.
* Hot, high pressure showers.

{Paper graff outside the VCA & magical love hearts formed in beer foam}

More thankfulness over here...


  1. Long hard conversations that end in hugs - I have had one of those last night and today and that's SUCH a great description. Have a great weekend!

  2. that all sounds incredible. love it all!!

  3. "Long hard conversations that end in hugs" - absolutely love that description, it just nails it.

    I love your 'papergraff' photo too. It looks terrific. x


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