Saturday, October 1

Things to be thankful for*

 * The opportunity to do my current gig.
* I was the boss and we worked so well we got an early mark! 
* Travel sickness tablets (Not thankful for 14 flights in 3 weeks)
* How near a yummy thai joint is to my accommodation
* Trams.
* Tickets to Homebake festival.
* Only one week of teaching left. (I made it!)
* Red jeans! Woohoo!
* Really belated birthday presents in the mail! Yay for mail, knitted pears and ricrac flowers! (made by this lovely lady)
* Being able to stalk other people's sweet ass babies and lovely pregnancies on the blogasphere!


  1. what a lovely list :)
    Glad everything is coming up roses for you Sophie :)

    Take care


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