Monday, August 15

Wonders of the universe

 Have you seen it? It's pretty marvellous. But how do you feel about the presenter Brian Cox. Yes he once played keyboard in D.Ream. (things can only get better... know what I'm sayin?) And now he seems to know an awful lot about physics. He's so earnest.. I find, just a bit too earnest. He is also extraordinarily youthful looking for a 42 year old. He's soft lilting Manchurian accent is sweet but still, he kinda bugs me... husbando on the other hand has a huge man crush on him! What do you think?
Oh and if it's got spoofs being made of it, you know it's gotta be good!

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  1. He irritates me no end, my husband and I are big Bang nerds and I just can't take him seriously. I guess I like my science nerds a little more nerdy.


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