Saturday, August 27

Things to be thankful for*

* The feeling of being hairdresser fresh.
* Holidays to look forward to.
* The view from the Opera House green room (nernerner)
* The wealth of inspirational writers in the world
* Art gallery's
* That husband suggests buying ice cream and eating it in bed whilst watching a movie for Friday night fun (heck yes!)
* The anticipation that my sunflower is keeping me in before it bursts open (any day now...)
* Beautiful architecture.
* The smell of curry.

More thankfulness over at maxabella...


  1. Loving your list...and the fact that the smell of curry is pervading our home at the a good way.

    Happy weekend Lovely,

    xx Felicity

  2. I love your list to. The points seem random but they must be all things that inspire you or make you feel happy. I think those sort of things are worth being grateful for.

  3. Oh how I love the smell of curry


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