Saturday, July 30

Things to be Thankful for

* Spring, it's itching to appear I can feel it! Hello sunshine!
* The pleasure of a role reversal at home.
* D&M's.
* Having the problem of having too much fruit and veg to get through.
* Daisy's.
* I am presented with choices everyday. I am by no means forced to do anything.
* Chocolate.
* How tree roots break up footpaths. Even now our technology can not defeat the urge of the world to grow!
* The universal appeal of cute things. Like that picture in the post below.
* Music. (To cover my neighbours singing coming through the wall.)

More thankfulness over at Maxabella.


  1. Love those daisies!!! I too love it when the fruit bowl is full!
    Have a great one.
    Ronnie xo

  2. I haven't heard the expression 'D&M's in so long... it takes me back to my uni days and all those lovely long chats that really were meaningful! x


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