Sunday, June 5

Things to be thankful for*

* ONE more week left at work.
* Days off.
* That things get made in places where manufacture is cheap and I can therefore afford to have nice things like a computer, phone etc.
* All those people at the climate rally in Sydney today. (Yes, even the crazy hippies *wink*)
* It's my birthday this week and that means CAKE !
* The sweet countdown on our chalk board by my housemate.
* The way plants can grow and spread all by themselves.
* My boy stays up to hug me when I get home from work really late at night.

{the cake I made, me & tea, my new lippy}


  1. I heart your mug.
    [And your fringe. I wish I had a face for a fringe.]

  2. yay for new job! hope the last week goes quickly for you:)


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