Tuesday, June 21


Shameless self promotion that is...
Please come see our play. It's on next week. Bring kids 8 and up (or a bit younger if they are tough and don't mind scary robots). And if you don't have kids please come anyway! Small independent theatre: Huzzah! Drop Bear Theatre do new plays for kids of all ages (even though this particular one is for the slightly older).
That's my boy in the picture up there, and I am doing the lights for the show as well as "cracking the whip" (technically known as the production manager)...
Tickets are only $17 and it's on from Friday 1st July to Friday 8th at 'The Reginald' Downstairs theatre at the Seymour Centre, Sydney. Book here!

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  1. Agreed. It is a most excellent show. I should probably now disclose that I am directing this show ;-) But it is really very ACE!


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