Wednesday, May 25

Dear Motorist,

(or as I have fondly decided to call you "twat"),
Thanks so much for slowing down enough to yell out of your car window "get out of the way" as I cycled home on a quiet Monday night from a long day at work. Clearly you have never ridden a bicycle. May be you don't  know how? I'd hate to make assumptions... so may be you've just never had someone open their car/van/truck door on you? Yes, actually, I'm quite sure that's never happened to you. May be you have a vision impairment... or a brain defect... (how on earth did you get a drivers licence) because otherwise you would be able to see that my entire left hand side was taken up with parked cars and the entire second right hand lane was empty and open and waiting for you to overtake me in. I take it you where in a big rush to get to that red light waiting for you 10 meters up the road. I mean, how rude of me to stop you from getting to the traffic lights first. How rude of me to travel in the left hand side of the left hand lane rather than on the left hand line of the left hand lane? Or... I'm sorry, you didn't actually clarify where I am meant to get out of the way too... what do you suggest?
Have a safe drive now... moron.
Love me *


  1. Ugh I loathe drivers like that. Being yelled at when you're peacefully on your bike really shakes me up.

  2. I drive a car. And yes at times I find some* cyclist frustrating. But when I take a moment to think - generally they get to the same destination at the same time as I do - and they get a little more out of life from the journey (that whole excerise thing). More so, I feel that I as a motorist should respect cyclist because - well lets face it, I would feel uber bad if I had hurt one of them.
    So whilst I bat for the other team. I respect your frustration with us. And I do feel this particular one was indeed a moron. (that being said it annoys me when cyclist don't' follow the traffic lights like a car has too.....) :-)


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