Thursday, April 7

We love to Ping Pong.

If you've been reading for a while, you should know I love ping pong. I'm lucky enough to have a table at work that gets set up when there is space side of stage and we're in a long season of a performance.
BUT. You can't come to my work to play ping pong. Sorry.
BUT. You CAN come to The Forbes Hotel on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon into the late late evening and play and drink beer and meet heaps of nice people. I went on Tuesday and had a blast (partially because I kicked husbandos butt in pong - what? Yes I am very competitive). What better way to get to know people than by grovelling under the sofa they are occupying for a stray ping pong ball? Seriously. There is no better way.
Bats and balls and tables provided, beer at the bar. I'm encouraging a line of ping pong cocktails to be made... ponghito? pingaritta?
Info deets etc.
{images from the fbook page taken by the two awesome Mike's who started the whole venture}

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  1. Oh! Ping Pong! Yes! I bought aping pong set for my last house, and we would turn the dining table into impromptu ping pong for parties. I'm SO gla you've reminded me of the awesomeness, I must get another set for my new house!
    Great photos too!
    Ping Pong Awaaayyyy..
    Pepper x


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