Saturday, April 2

Things to be thankful for*

* Just when we thought we'd explored all the alleyways in Surry hill's we found another one..
* The huge and lovely crowd at the climate action protest this morning.
* Figs. yum.
* Family visits.
* The freedom I have in the choices I make.
* Wheat packs.
* Cooked breafast.
* Autumn.
* Night time debriefs, nose to nose before falling asleep.
* 21 years for my parents! Congrats guys!


  1. Today I am grateful for:

    *Cold and Flu medication
    *Awesome friends
    *My purple Docs
    *The opportunity to hang in Surry Hills
    *Listening to songs that correspond with what you see at a precise moment
    *Living vicariously through others


  2. That writing on the pavement is awesome. I do love a bit of a protest! Lovely things to be thankful for, as always xx

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

    Great list ♥


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