Tuesday, April 5

My weekend in words...

I had a two day weekend. The joy in my heart on Monday morning when I realised I wasn't going into work was immense. It was blissful. Gardening, sunshine, food, friends, shopping (the fun kind), more food, more friends and beautiful rain. Eating fairy bread and drinking gin and tonic whilst reading in the garden with my boy. Summer pudding. Carrot cake, the worked out perfectly. New *undies*.  Walking through my city, warm, but speckled with rain. Spending time with people and spending time alone and spending time with my husband. Physiotherapy. Dirt under my fingernails, having time to pluck my eyebrows, making plans, not saying anything. Watching a hilarious movie. Oh and this GIANT peppermint chocolate frog that our lovely Adeliade visitor brought us. (You know I can't not include a picture)


  1. Sounds perfect Soph! Glad you had that extra time off :) Hope work is improving slightly too and your injuries are healing! :D
    Muchos love xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm eyeing off that peppermint frog!


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