Tuesday, April 19

Carrot cake

Did I tell y'all about the perfect carrot cake I made the other day? No? p.e.r.f.e.c.t. The secret? Make cream cheese icing in a food processor. Ok so everyone's probably going "yeah duh" but I didn't know! Why didn't you tell me?? Screw waiting for it to get to room tempreture. I just used a hand held wandy one with blades attached. Add icing sugar. Add a dash of lemon. Spread over cake like Martha Stewert! Huzzah!
{Cake is 'simple carrot cake' Stephanie Alexander}


  1. That looks divine. I love carrot cake and it just HAS TO HAVE cream cheese icing. This morning I made spicy apple and walnut muffins with cream cheese icing(mine is cream cheese, lemon juice and honey)mmmm

  2. That cake looks sooooo delicious:)!


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