Tuesday, March 29


It's funny how we change truth to tell a story. I realised today as I told someone what happened in my accident... A "douche bag opened his van door on me" when actually... the guy really wasn't a douche bag... he was really lovely and terribly upset and it was early and there wasn't much happening on the street. He just didn't look. He didn't hit me on purpose. So why did I call him names? All week since it happened people have been tutting and saying oh no what an idiot. The guy drove me and my bike home and was practically in tears to my husband about the whole incident - he was genuine. But it got too exhausting telling people he was. Because he was at fault - everyone has decided he's a a bad person - and to keep my story of the whole affair short I say so too. I'm getting sick of repeating it now to be honest - but then it is the most exciting thing thats happened to me recently so...
Anyway - the point is, I think I do this all the time - I think people probably do. Don't let the truth get in the way of a drama, a good story. But I also want people to know that being a bad person isnt a prerequisit for hitting some one with your car. .. anyone can do it - and may be that truth is worth ruining a good story for.


  1. I am guilty of this too... but I like to think of it as an overactive imagination! kind of like in Big Fish or this lovely remake called The Fall (originally a Spanish movie I think) both of which are portals into an embellished truth universally acknowledged as the teller's truth :)

  2. This is such an insightful post. Thanks Sophabear x


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