Thursday, March 17


Aww I've been handed a Liebster blog award by the superb Estelle over at Curbside style, which is just dandy, because really, I'm incapable of thinking of any blog posts for myself this week, and Liebster is German for awesome.
"The LBA award aims to spread the word about great blogs with less than 300 followers. The idea is too nominate other blogs that you love that meet the criteria and hopefully everyone gets a few new followers along the way."
*On a side note: Does anyone remember LBA the computer game - little big adventure? My little bro was really into it... I was more of a sim city girl myself... now I know I'm far too OCD to get myself into computer games, it wouldn't be good* 

Okay here are my nominations! 
Delightful: Regularly and consistently posts the prettiest things to her blog. It's inspiration galore!

The Letters I wish I'd written: Is pretty much an all time fave for me. Wonderful funny, cryptic, thought provoking letters - which always make me go 'I wish I'd written that...' 

Home Made Rainbows: Leanne has the most amazing life.... well what she shares of it makes me green with envy and green with hope that my garden might one day be as abundant as hers! 

Go check 'em out my pretties - plus there are heaps of other gold that I love reading in the side bar just over there...

PS. Thank you so much for all your sympathy and well wishes - it's all rather itchy and scabby over my end at the moment (TMI?) but I'll be back on my bike in a few weeks I reckon. *s*


  1. Thank you, *s*! You're delightful. :)

  2. eek - me and my brothers were very into LBA (1 and 2!!) and had an ongoing competition as to who could complete it first in our allowed 30 mins of computer time per day!!
    Glad you are heading back to getting back on your bike :)

  3. Thank you soooooooo much, it is my birthday today too, so to wake up to a little shout out was a real surprise! I hope you feel better soon, although I see they didn't knock your sense of humour out of you, itchy and scabby at your end indeed...

  4. Oh thank you sweet lady...what a delicious surprise to find time to catch up on things here and discover this...however late I am. Love to you!


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