Monday, February 14

Things to be thankful for*

Better late than never...
* The keys are ours. Oh wow.
* Buying a house is stressful. Tim and I got through it so well. But jeepers if this is what people do in their first year of marriage no wonders people think its hard!
* Birthday cupcakes for friends.
* Having a good book to read.
* Peanut butter. In celery.
* The way it is possible to be close friends with someone even when they live so many thousands of miles away.
* How having a picnic even when it's raining is okay with my boy.
* Champagne bubbles.
* The love heart chocolate I got with my coffee this morning.
* How happy my two Sydney boy cousins look with they're partners.

{Things to be thankful for is a list I started when I began blogging. It helps me reflect on my week and remember all the good things in my life. I would love it if you played along too, leave a link in the comments below I'd love to see! *s*}   

{Love hearts I found this week: a sun speckle and hidden in some bark}


  1. i love peanut butter and celery :)

  2. Congratulations on getting the keys! How exciting!

    Lovely list ♥

  3. How exciting to have keys in hand - congratulations!
    We bought our first home 2 years ago ... and it was a nightmare, but so very rewarding once you close the door on the world behind you.


  4. Hey Soph, i love reading your blog, you inspired me to start writing what i'm thankful for:

    lots of love


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