Monday, January 10

smash smash.

I knocked down a pedestrian on my way into work today. He ended up flat on his back in the middle of the road. I felt awful. But he was at fault. It's gonna take some learning for people to work out the cycle paths thing. Basically I had a green bike light up ahead and was cruising along on a slight down slope, pedestrians were crossing in the same direction on the street, and cars were also going. The guy just veered off into my path without looking and I had no were to go. More pedestrians or cars either side and the roads were wet so I couldn't stop in time. I skidded but still took his legs out from under him. He apologised I apologised but we were both pretty shaken. It being almost 9am and in the middle of a busy street we carried on our separate ways. I hope he's okay... and I guess he won't do it ever again!

{awesome pic}


  1. oh i hope you're alright!

    pedestrians are definitely till trying to figure out this bike path business. i think they almost forget that just because it's not a car, it still REALLY hurts to be hit by a bike, for both people involved.
    I always get frustrated how few people look before they cross, they're only looking for cars. hopefully this will change as more bikes use the paths.

  2. Oh no, you poor thing! That must've been scary.

  3. Oh no - that's an awful thing to experience! I'm sure he'll be more careful in the future. Take care of yourself!!

  4. poor girl, glad you're okay, hmmm this calls for cake...


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