Thursday, January 13

New Years Birthday

It was my dear friends birthday on new years eve. She has a thing for cherry ripes, so I invented a cherry ripe cake*. It was full on rich and quite amazing, thats solid dark chocolate on top there. We built a fort in our back yard using the clothes line, all our sheets and table clothes, the wheely bin, cable ties and of course pegs. My boy dragged the tv out and we watched the fireworks and the Muppets movie, ate too many snacks, wore silly hates, danced with sparklers and kept mosquitoes at bay with copious amounts of repellent. Oh and went to bed at a very reasonable time.

* recipe to come if I can remember what I did...


  1. sounds like an awesome way to spend NYE! how great are forts?! i like that you don't grow out of things like that, they're just as fun as when you were a kid :)

    have a great weekend!

  2. This sounds like the most perfect birthday party ever! Can't wait to see more details of the cake:)


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