Monday, December 6

Home sweet home...

I've always loved those mud maps of houses, floor plans. I can stare at them for hours and walk myself through that imaginary house. Something I've noticed of late in the new houses in the paper is that even in the "smaller" places the main bedroom always has an ensuite. Apparently that's the norm. So really it is little wonder I can't afford to buy a house. Our expectations of a decent home, our standards of living are so high that we expect there to be more than one bathroom. Maybe this is just the case in land-a-plently Australia?

Then there's the bigger places. The main bedroom not only has an ensuite, with spa, but walk in wardrobes and a "retreat" zone in the bedroom, so basically as well as a king size bed you can fit 2 large armchairs in their as well. This is obviously necessary as the lounge room, living room, rumpus room, media room, study, not to mention family meal, "alfresco" and seperate dining room, kitchen, laundry and double garage clearly could never provide enough space to retreat to.

I tell you one thing I envy in these mansions though, well even more than the ability to walk a mere 4 steps to pee in the night, is the walk in pantry. Oh for a walk in pantry. It would be sky blue and well lit and full of neat rows of glorious mason jars and I would know exactly where everything was... I could pass you the peppercorns (pink or black?) and toss you the tumeric (ground or whole?) without a moments hesitation (because yes the spices would absolutely be in alphabetical order - and my current spice rack may also be aphabetised... I'm okay with being that kind of person so there). The kids... well more likely the husband, could browse spirals, tubes or shells for pasta dinner... ahh joy and bliss. I digress...

Really, when I ponder my pie in  the sky dream house it's not big. I don't want seperate living areas or (puke) a media room. What I want is the outside space. Why would you fill up a block of land with all those bricks and mortar when instead you could fill it wiht a tree that's big enough to climb. A lawn to roll around on, a table for huge family meals, a totem tennis pole (because everyone LOVES totem tennis amiright?!) A garden to grow all your vegetables in, an apricot and an avocado tree, raspberry bushes, chickens and space for kids and dogs to run run run. Screw the media room, give me a water tank... and maybe a walk in pantry....
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  1. i'm kind of coming to terms with the fact that buying a house might not be something that will happen in my life time. it can be frustrating though, it's sort of what you're meant to aspire to when you live somewhere like sydney where real estate seems to be a very common topic of conversation for some people.

    but of course you can dream right? and i think a walk in pantry and a lovely garden to grow things in would be absolute heaven!

  2. I'm totally with you on the dislike of the modern trend of 6 bedroom McMansions, with a Theatre, Games room, ensuites, and alternate living/dining areas!

    And why, oh why, would anyone want the massive roller doors of their gigantic 3 car garage to be the single most visible and overpowering architectural "feature" of their home?

    Ride around any modern suburb, and all you can see is the vast blank expanse of roller doors, with houses seemingly larger than the blocks of land upon which they sit.

    Whatever happened to appealing and practical architectural styles like Federation, Art Deco, Moderne etc?

    Now we have "Blonde-brick-veneer & Rollerdoor Gigantism"? Don't these house-builders realise if they just left out 4 of the spare bedrooms and the 3rd bathroom (but still kept the walk-in pantry, of course) they could build a stylish and environmentally sensitive Art Deco home for the same money? (Plus, still have a yard!!!)

    Let the Affordable & Aesthetic Aussie Architectural Revolution begin!


  4. I absolutely hear ya! and am pleased to find some realists! Not to mention who in their right mind wants to clean all those extra rooms and bathrooms! crazytown! We will never be able to afford our own home unless it is inherited or gifted. but i do look forward to a day when we might be able to have a lovely garden of our own.
    My aunts new mcmansion is obscene in size and bedroms/bathroom ratios, but just an indicator, her laundry room is bigger than our entire 2 bedroom unit. What the devil could you need that for! and she lives in her mcmansion with just herself and her husband. The world's gone bonkers!


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