Thursday, November 18

What my brain looks like...

D2 x height x .79 = volume, bring going out clothes for Friday, half diameter of the winch x 19 for ungrooved or 12 for grooved, bring a whistle and passport to class on Thursday and Friday, buy limes for muffins, one long whistle two short to make a crane go right, remember not to swear in front of the 13 yr old posh school kids, try finish off 3 more bracelets before Saturday, becket load plus ( becket load x no of sheaves / 20) = load in the lead rope, safety nets have a max diametre of 100mm, if I make the biscuit pastry in advance will it still roll out really thin, remember to wash steel rust off hands before attempting to bake or play with pretty thread, it is a bad, repeat, bad idea to overload cupcake cases, it ends in kitchen disaster, albeit delicious, wowa my dear friend is engaged, when can I get to Tassy to see him, Eep it's my brothers birthday soon, oh yikes and I have international visitors, oh yeah, w x r / b / n / V = size of packers used under crane outriggers, how do I make shadows look nice on ruched fabric?, how about pale green and blue and deep red as a colour combo....
My normal job has never looked so good! *s*

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  1. Hehe, I was just trying to explain to Mike a couple of days ago how it is possible for us girls to be thinking a hundred things at once, it seemed to be a huge revelation for him, but a helpful one, lol!
    Glad you're having fun!

    3 weeks today I leave the UK, aaaahhhhhh :D xx


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