Wednesday, November 3

The least girliest girl with the most dresses.

 One dress. {ruby Belle - UK}
Two dress. {Miss Cherry}
Three dress. {Alive girl}
 New Dress! Lucky me! I picked these 3 up in the same store in Brissy, SOOOO many goodies, I couldn't choose and Tim, well he FORCED me. He forced me to get them all. Good husband. To justify, I do hardly ever shop... Most of these below are from op shops and costume sales.
Oh and that white one on the end is my wedding dress!


  1. Love the boat dress and the animal print one especially... you can never have too many dresses in my book (good husband!) :)

  2. Three dress is my favourite!

  3. The boats are ADORABLE! Good haul Sophie!

  4. i have that miss cherry dress too. i love it, bought it on my road trip and wore it heaps with jeans and boots. i also have the cream/pink version which is gorgeous too. dresses are great aren't they:)

  5. I think you should post pictures of you IN the dresses. yours truly,
    The good husband.

  6. you ought to see how many dresses I have ... now following your blog ;)
    (check out mine!)


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