Friday, October 15

Link love for Friday...

 Links this week have a rather arty overtone! Enjoy!
* Have you seen the silhouette master piece theatre? It's hilarious.
* Mind blowing ariel photos of the human landscape.
* Nice new indie wedding site.
* Awesome recycled art.
* Beautiful images of people playing with the moon.
* Bring your baby to work day.
* Another great art blog discovery for the week.
* Do/could you eat babies?
* This lady has some amazing skills with paper and patience.
* I must remember this,  how cool is a happy "being alive for one billion seconds" occassion!

More awesome places on the internet...


  1. Some wonderful links there! Those human landscape pictures are just incredible and golly, it's amazing to think that I'm on my way to reaching that billion mark...phew, that's a lot of seconds!! G x

  2. That picture of the moon and the clock hands is so cool! And your links are brill...check out my version of your Things to be Thankful for later today!! xx


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