Saturday, September 4

Things to be thankful for.

 * Thursday morning. It's hard to explain, but it was amazing.
* Coffee dates with my boy.
* Nice surprises. I love a good surprise.
* The way honey and butter melts through crumpets.
* The feeling and sound of opening a new notebook.
* My husband is technically savvy.
* Our relativly stable economy. (boring I know but it's good right?!)
* Soon I will be able to cycle to work on a deisgnated cycleway - thereby avoiding the heart stopping, near misses taxi drivers play with me every day.
* Bergamont. And more specifically, Earl Grey tea. With orange cake.
* Finding something for cheap that was being sold expensive somewhere else.

{things to be thankful for is a post I do every Saturday. It helps me sum up my week and remind myself of all the good things in my life. Feel free to play too and leave your *thankful's* in the comments or a link to yours on your blog. I will definitely check them out. *s*}   

Pictures from a walk in between shows and the pansies in our garden. (2 & 3 have iphone enhancement!)


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