Tuesday, September 21

Things I want to learn some day...

Include (but not limited to):
* Proper photography
* How to use Excel properly
* Carpentry
* Phsycology
* How to have nice nails...(err maybe stop biting them!)
* Ariel acrobatics
* The science of gardening (already know how to potter!)
* Floristry
* How to make my own cleaning and beauty products
* Basic car mechanics
* Pottery
* Knitting
* Hang gliding
* Macaron making

And you?


  1. I agree with the excel. It's sitting there on my computer but I really have no idea what to do with it. I'm sure it could be quite useful. I also agree with the nails-I'm a biter too. Hang gliding would be great but I don't think I'd be brave enough. I know how to knit so that wouldn't be on my list. What else hmm I'd have to have a bit of a think....

  2. Oh god, excel is the current bane of my existence, I am determined to master it, thereby decreasing my computer's chances of going out the window... I'd like to learn the flying trapeze, mostly because I think feathers and a leotard is worth rocking at least once in a lifetime. I'd like to know how to use my sewing machine that I bought SEVEN, yup SEVEN, months ago and have yet to use, such is the busy nature of life at the mo. Macaroons, I can do, but ever since I had them in Paris, I no longer bother, it's like chasing your own tale! I love this post, I could go on and on and already have (ahem)tis very inspiring of you!

  3. Cleaning products are well easy - soda crystals, white vinegar and lemon juice are pretty much my staples!!

    I want to learn sign language. I can't afford the course right now and am quite put out that my bro+wife have beaten me to it and are going to evening classes!!

  4. I used to bite my nails too til high school. My sister promised to give me books if I manage to keep them long. I stopped biting them since :)

  5. Great idea's guys!
    Bribery! That's what I need Frances! must tell husband that.


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