Thursday, September 23

My creative space...

Two wonderfully creative things happened this week.
1) I did the lighting for a show in the Fringe. It's called Cuckoo and is extrordinarily sweet (just look at that deer would you?!). I loved putting my lighting designer cap back on, it's good being in the dark painting with light, it makes me so happy. If you're in Sydney you should try see this show, I'm pretty picky about what theatre I reccomend. So you know it's good.

& 2) Catching up with two awe inspiringly creative ladies and making PLANS.
p.l.a.n.s. Yes.
More about the plans some other time... but as a sneak preview to them... Shortbread bicycle wheels. The recipe still needs some tweaking.. so I won't put it up yet, but they turned out pretty cute. Inspired by these buttons...

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  1. Glad you've been having such a creative time!! The shortbread looks so good, it's my complete favourite thing!! x


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