Friday, September 3

Link love for Friday...

* The alphabet... with beards... {via Slowlane}

* Fleur Wood has the prettiest Spring Collection.

* Look at these amazing cut out artworks.  {via Bliss}

* I got totally hooked on this woman's stories about being a young single foster mum in NYC.

* Flick through the sketch books of this Russian artist.

* Mario Kart bike lanes...

* Want to be a locavore? Read this first...

* Does Australia have a government yet?

* For the girly people among us...

* Shipping container home... in Texas.

* Take a read of this blog. It has me wiping my eyes from laughter everytime.

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  1. Bahahahahahhaha
    I love that hairy font!! Best i have seen in ages!! Thanks for the belly laugh!!


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