Tuesday, September 14

Ginger & white chocolate.... cupcakes

Well if it works for cookies, it can work for cupcakes right? I made these for my boys birthday on Friday.
As per usual this is based off Nigella's cupcake recipe.
 You need:
125g Castor Sugar
125gs soft butter
2 eggs, beaten
125gs self raising flour
3 tblspns of milk
2 tspns of ground ginger

200gs white choc buttons
5 tablespoons of milk
200gs (approx) of icing sugar
Crystalised ginger for decoration

Preheat oven to 200degrees, put cupcake cases in a tin.

Either chuck it all in a blender. Or:
Cream your butter and sugar together, then alternate mixing in egg, flour (sifting it is important!) and when you're all out of egg alternate flour with the milk. Pop your ginger in with the flour to sift in. It should be a fairly runny mixture. eg. It needs to drop off the spoon easily.
Bake on the top shelf for 15-20 mins until they are glorious golden!

When they are cool make the icing (don't make icing in advance it sets quickly!) Put choc buttons and milk in a heat proof dish over a pan of hot water, stir until it is melted. Let it melt slowly as otherwise you risk burning the chocolate. Once it's all runny start sifting in your icing sugar until it is the right thickness for you. With hindsight I recomend keeping the icing over the hot water, though with the heat from the stove turned off, as before I had finished icing my cupcakes it had started to go hard! The first few ended up with a beautiful hard frosting and the last few looked like hedgehogs as I dabbed it on! Pop that chunk of Crystalised ginger on the top before it sets. Yum!
These cute cupcake cases are from 'Cake with Love' on Etsy. I bought a stack of them and they just look so good! Because they are a bit bigger than my usual cupcake cases though this batter only made nine.


  1. Oh these look amazing, love cupcakes but I find that when I make them I can’t help but eat half of them myself!

  2. agree these look wonderful, I would be wifey of the year in my hubby's eyes if I made him anything with ginger in it, may just try these..thanks:-)

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