Saturday, August 21

Things to be thankful for.

 * Crumpets. And crumpets being on sale.
* I live in a functioning democracy.
* I met Peter Cundall today! What a legend!
* I'm working on a brilliant piece of theatre. (It's a week in and I'm not yet bored!)
* It's time to switch to cooler PJs.
* The smell of fresh coffee beans before they get ground.
* I can play ping pong in my breaks at work. And I'm actually getting quite good!
* Major Op-shop (thrift store) success this week. I'll show the spoils later.
* My boy spoons me, even though my hair tickles his nose.
* This guy is making more music again! *Oh Sufjan.* Go have a listen to his new album.

{things to be thankful for is a post I do every Saturday. It helps me sum up my week and remind myself of all the good things in my life. Feel free to play too and leave your *thankful's* in the comments or a link to yours on your blog. I will definitely check them out. *s*}   


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