Tuesday, August 17

Oh dear Doris....

Ah fashion, that mysterious world! A world that has brought back skinny jeans (oh man were my flares big in high school), now high waisted trousers and even crop tops... Rumour even has it that the mini backpack is becoming a thing again. It's disturbing seeing your childhood clothes being revived. Especially when you didn't understand how they were even a good idea in the first place (umm okay so I do admit to having a mini backpack back in the day...). I'm no fashion expert, I find I get on trends only when they have become the norm. No way I'm gonna stand out from the crowd and be the only one in a balloon skirt (remember them?) - hell no. I wouldn't have been caught dead in a pair of skinnies five years ago, and then this morning my husband put on an old pair of his jeans and I thought, they look weird... oh right they're not clutching his thighs. 

However, I digress.  The real point I wanted to make was bicycles, like fashion, go round, and this one I may just be ahead in the game on.
Let me tell you about Doris. Dear Doris. She was almost dead when I found her on the side of the road in 2006. Doris was red. She had 5 gears, a step-through frame and an upright riding position. I brushed her up and gave her to my Tim. She went fast and was completely, gorgeously, retro. We loved her. However, lots of people said less than nice things about Doris when she went out around Sydney town. Abuse was hurled at her from cars and other bikes alike. Now, 5 years on you can't go one street in Sydney - especially in my 'burb - without someone riding by on a skinny little retro number. The shonkier the better. With a basket and  spokeydokes too please. Sadly Doris was taken from us in a cruel and untimely manner. Even though I want a retro bike so bad, I'm thinking I should hang on to my practical low-end commuter, 'cause in 10 years time its gonna be worth all the indie cred ever.

I should know, it's a fickle old world out there... 

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  1. Wow, you really do love bikes! Your Pinterest pages are lovely. Sorry to hear about Doris. I think you should definately get yourself a new retro number. Who cares what everyone else has - you know that you got there first!

    Just don't buy a bubble skirt!


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