Tuesday, August 3

Laptop stand

My boy has been in need of a lappy stand for a while and I've had some time to kill whilst at work - so I thought I'd learn up on some wood working skills. Turns out it's hard. With wood, you've got to be precise and pedantic. I have a "just do it" attitude that's non too patient with precise angles and millimetres. Anyway, I tried to be as perfectionist as I could for my perfectionist, patient with millimetres husband. I'm pretty happy with the end result. I designed it, cut it, hinged it, sanded it and gave it about 5 coats of "clear coat" myself. It's made from 15ml ply and 4 door hinges.
The holes in the top are to help with ventilation - Macs get super hot. I made the legs open out on an angle to fit the keyboard in underneath and I hinged it so that it could fold away flat to easily make space on the desk!


  1. Very very impressed. The ventilation holes are inspired! Well done you. I just screwed and glued some ply legs onto a ply top and hoped for the best. Yours is so much more hi-tech and cleverer.

  2. you are a clever girl!


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